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Your courses have enabled us to open our own aromatherapy shop.
Mike and Gayle Clarkson, VIC
Very well set out, easy to follow. All the information was there, it certainly made you think about each topic.
D.Morris, WA
I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. This course has helped my mind and has given me more confidence in using Aromatherapy.
V. Parker, WA
I am very thankful to have gained the knowledge and skills to be able to offer such comfort and peace to the client and his family at their time of great need.
J. Zielke
I found the overall training excellent, the academic information excellent, the practical training above average
B. Abela, QLD

Aromatic Medicine, also known as Scientific Aromatherapy, Medical Aromatherapy or Aromatology, refers primarily to the use of essential oils administered via a range of clinical therapeutic applications -- including topical and oral ingestion.

High grade and specific therapeutic oils are used by highly-qualified practitioners. Much of Western Europe incorporates aromatherapy into mainstream medicine as an antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and/or antibacterial agent -- much more than other parts of the world. We now have an Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine here in Australia.

As Dr Penoel from France said, "In my country, we've given millions and millions of clinical treatments with essential oils."

It is from this medical application of essential oils that the term "Aromatic Medicine" was derived. This medical model includes internal applications, by ingestion, injection, topically (undiluted), rectally, and vaginally. There is a Facebook group created by Rémy Lejeune's students; anyone interested in aromatic and medicinal herbs can join and share here (in French so use an online translator).

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  • Learn more about aromatherapy

    What is Aromatherapy?

    Aromatherapy is a widely used term for a range of traditional therapies that use more

    What is Aromatic Medicine?

    Aromatic Medicine, also known as Scientific Aromatherapy, Medical Aromatherapy more

  • The innovative Flexible-Modular-Learning

    The new self paced study

    Here you can achieve a Certificate of Attainment, a Specialist Certificate, a Masters Diploma -- or simply study a specific module. With hundreds of modules to choose from, ACOA is proud to offer you Flexible - Modular - Learning. The power to pick any module you are interested in studying  more

  • How Aromatherapy Works?

    The powerful potential

    The skills and the knowledge of the Aromatherapist are paramount because the aromatic molecules found in the essential oils affect the cells of the body and each person's body is unique. Thus, the same treatment applied to different people will not always bring about the same result more

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